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Statue of Mary

The statue, dedicated to the Queen of the Rosary, was erected in 1739, as a local symbol of the Virgin Mary cult supported by the Counter-Reformation movement.

It was made primarily from the town's resources by Lorenz Eisenköbel, a resident of Sopron. The statue was carved from the sandstone of the Fertőrákos Quarry and originally had three other figures featuring on it. The three saints - St Anne, St Joachim and St Joseph - were removed from the statue in 1912. In the same year the original Mary figure was also removed, and was replaced only in 1977. Nowadays every year, on Assumption Day, they hold a litany accompanied by music to express their gratitude to fate which prevented the epidemic from entering the community.
Additional Features:
Statue/sculpture / : Classicist, romantic
Statue/sculpture / : mediaeval
Statue/sculpture / : religion
Statue/sculpture / : very beautiful, ancient
Statue/sculpture / : 30 min

Address: 9730 Városháza utca 3 street 0
GPS: 47.389, 16.5409
Phone: +36/94562511
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