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Sibrik kastály /Sibrik Palace

Sibrik Palace

Bozsok's gemstone is the Sibrik Palace built in late Reanissance style, but with a history of going back to the age of the Árpád dynasty in the 11th century.

The palace was built on bases going back to the age of the Árpád dynasty in the 11th century. It later served as a residential building for a noble family, then in 1614 - due to Ottoman skirmishes - it was fortified. It was renovated in 1702 and received its current form in 1815. Legend has it that King Matthias stayed here. The Sibriks eventually sold the building to Gyula Végh, the later director of the Museum of Applied Arts. Today the palace operates a hotel and its neatly manicured garden is an ideal place for anyone to unwind. There is a route starting from the palace and leading up to a popular tourist destination called "Kalaposkő".
Additional Features:
Palace / : Renessaince, Baroque
Palace / : modern
Palace / : history
Palace / : Hungarian
Palace / : very beautiful
Palace / : 2 hours
Palace / : interior is also open to visitors

Address: 9727 Rákóczi street 142
GPS: 47.3252, 16.4907
Phone: +36/94563386
Website: www.bozsok.hu
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